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Commercial Deposit Sales and Support Manager

Full Time Position - Posted 03-23-2018 - Abingdon, VA - This position is responsible for supervising and assisting bank representatives in the support and sells of all Commercial Deposit Support business related products and services to new and existing business. The employee is also responsible for assisting in the sale and closing of all products held under their department. The employee negotiates third party contracts, develops new products and related policy and procedure, educates and trains staff, and develops a multitude of reports for senior management, etc.

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IS Support Technician

Full Time Position - Posted 03-05-2018 - Honaker, VA - This is responsible work in providing technical and operation support to branches and/or users via telephone or email. The employee also assists users with program accessibility, conducting new user set up, and assists with IS department projects accordingly. The employee also oversees server functionality and updates software as needed. Performance of the duties requires excellent technical, attention-to-detail, organization, and typing, filing, and customer service skills.

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Full-Time - Posted 09-25-2017 - Honaker, VA - This is responsible work in collecting and reviewing data in order to properly evaluate and reconcile general ledger accounts. The employee also prepares reconciliation binders and prepares tax deposits. Performance of the duties requires excellent organization, attention to detail, typing, filing, and customer service skills.

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