Safe Deposit Boxes

All New Peoples Bank full service offices have safe deposit boxes* for rent. Enjoy the safety and convenience of keeping your important papers and belongings in one of our safe deposit boxes. Rent is due annually and can either be billed, or automatically charged to your checking or savings account.


  • Variety of sizes available:
    • 2" X 5" is $15.00 yr
    • 3" X 5" is $20.00 yr
    • 5" X 5" is $25.00 yr
    • 3" x 10" is $30.00 yr
    • 5" X 10" is $40.00 yr
    • 10" X 10" is $75.00 yr
  • Offer safety and convenience for important papers and belongings
  • Available for immediate rental and automatic billing


  • Protection of important items
  • Low annual cost for rental
  • Rent one today
  • Conveniently located where you bank

Find a Location to Rent a Deposit Box

* Contents of safe deposit boxes are not insured by the FDIC

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