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Optional Overdraft Protection Service & Optional Overdraft Protection Service Plus also known as "OOPS & OOPS Plus"

From time to time we all have experienced that moment when the balance in our checking account is less than we thought. Perhaps you forgot to record a check, made an error in subtraction, forgot to transfer funds to pay your bills or just lost track of the balance. Having a check returned due to insufficient funds can be costly, inconvenient and potentially an embarrassing experience. At New Peoples Bank we don’t encourage overdrafts; we encourage you to manage your finances responsibly. However, we want to save you from the additional merchant fees and possible damage to your credit history that might result if a check is returned. That’s why we are pleased to offer you our new Optional Overdraft Protection Service, or “OOPS”.

Included Services of "OOPS"

We understand that mistakes happen. When they do, we strive to pay your overdrafts on the following types of transactions:

  • Checks
  • Automatic bill payments
  • Telephone-initiated transfers or other electronic transfers
  • Preauthorized automatic debits

Included Services of "OOPS Plus"

"OOPS Plus" includes all service included with "OOPS" as well as:

  • ATM transactions
  • Everyday (one time) debit card transactions

To Opt-In/Out of "OOPS Plus" use the link in the top right under Overdraft Protection.

Program details and Disclosures also provided by using link in the top right under Overdraft Protection.

Overdraft Protection

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